Dentists in Burton on Trent

A good smile can go a long way, and taking care of your dental hygiene is key to keeping teeth in top condition.

Repton Dental is a private dentist serving Burton-on-Trent and is committed to delivering the highest standard of care and support to ensure you have a smile to be proud of.

As a private dentist we offer patients a comprehensive level of treatment, including cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening.

Patients in Burton on Trent can expect only the best service from our dedicated and skilled team of dentists.

Upholding the highest levels of care, our dentist will look for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease or oral health concerns at regular Dental Health Checks.

A family friendly dentist


Committed to giving families the best dental treatment, Repton Dental encourages children to attend for regular Dental Health Checks to allow a dentist to monitor young teeth as they develop.

Children can be assured they will receive a friendly welcome from their dentist along with quality treatment and advice on how to make sure their developing teeth are kept in good condition.


Services at our Burton on Trent practice


Patients in Burton on Trent suffering with dental anxiety can also be assured by Repton Dental’s dentists’ pledge to treat all patients in a gentle, caring and thorough manner.

Rest assured your children’s dentist will ensure their teeth are kept in top condition with regular Dental Health Checks to see that teeth are developing correctly as well as offering dietary advice to protect teeth.

As a private dentist, Repton Dental offers a teeth whitening service to patients looking to add extra polish to their smile. Through consultations at our surgery in Derby, a dentist will give expert advice on how teeth whitening can bring the sparkle back to your smile if food and drink have left teeth discoloured.

Safe, effective and fast-acting, the teeth whitening service offered by our private dentist in Derby will leave your teeth shining bright.

As a private dentist, we offer the following services to patients:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of gum disease
  • Emergency treatment for a broken tooth or filling
  • Fillings
  • Advice on dental concerns
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Progress updates on dental health
  • Oral health check – including signs of cancer


Teeth whitening dental treatments


At Repton Dental we understand that dental care can also be about enhancement. As a private dentist, we offer teeth whitening to give patients full confidence in their smile. Alongside many cosmetic dental treatments, tooth whitening is a fantastic way to refresh the colour of teeth stained by food and drink.

As a highly-trained dentist, Dr Ari, will offer advice and talk patients through the safe, effective and fast-acting, teeth whitening process that will leave your teeth shining bright.

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If you are looking for a private dentist in Burton on Trent, contact Repton Dental today for a service that will give you something to smile about. Call 01283 701345 or email