Our Facial Aesthetics services

Feeling good is important to our self-esteem – and it is this self-belief that drives us forward in life.

Set within the beautiful village of Repton, our Facial Aesthetics Dentist, Dr Ari provides anti-wrinkle consultations.

Feeling self-conscious or below par can really have an impact on what we do, achieve and strive for.

If you have a concern – however large or small – about the way you look it can have a huge impact on your confidence.

That is where facial aesthetics can really help. Our face is our point of contact and recognition with the world and it pays to feel good.

Restore vitality and self-confidence


If signs of ageing are starting to hit your self-confidence, a facial aesthetic treatment could help to restore vitality to your life.

A range of quick and convenient treatments is available to tackle signs of aging on the face to give you smoother, youthful looking skin in a matter of days:

Facial aesthetic treatment can smooth out crow’s feet, laughter lines and frown lines, while dermal fillers can tackle deep lines as well as sagging skin and thinning lips.

Facial aesthetic treatments are the perfect way to get your confidence in your looks back to 100 percent.


Highly trained facial aesthetics practitioner


Dr. Ari leads a highly qualified team. Her qualifications were awarded from the world-renowned Dr. Bob Khanna Institute using the very latest techniques to enhance a natural beautiful look.

Alongside her Dentistry, Dr Ari is perfectly positioned to provide safe, effective treatment with her extensive knowledge of facial anatomy.

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For more advice on revealing a younger looking, revitalised you, contact the team of highly trained staff at Repton Dental. Call 01283 701345 or email reptondental@btconnect.com