Facial Aesthetics in Burton on Trent

It is important that we feel confident in the way that we look – and that is where facial aesthetics can help to make a difference about how we feel.

Tiredness, stress and the aging process can take their toll on our appearance, sapping confidence levels.

That is where facial aesthetics can help. The aim is that through simple, non-surgical treatment, confidence can be restored as a radiant and youthful look is uncovered.

Serving Burton on Trent, our surgery is committed to very highest standards in facial aesthetics.

Sensitive facial aesthetics


Simple, subtle and delicate changes will carefully help to roll back the signs of ageing through facial aesthetic treatments.

The most important part of using facial aesthetics is that you can be comfortable and confident in the way that you look.

All treatments are carried out by a highly trained team, dedicated to patient care and getting the best results, while treatments are carried out in a safe and clinical environment at the surgery near to Burton in Trent.

Facial aesthetics work by using lip and facial fillers to revitalise the face. Dr Ari is highly trained and qualified at the prestigious, world renowned, Dr Bob Khanna Institute using the very latest of techniques to enhance a natural beautiful look.

Facial fillers can bring a youthful glow to the face by restoring volume and lift to counter signs of aging. Facial fillers are a subtle approach to smoothing and lifting lips, jowls and nasolabial folds (smile lines).

Facial aesthetics can help to enhance your appearance by boosting eyebrows, easing worry lines and lifting a droopy nose. The ultimate aim is to make you less self-conscious and more confident in the way that you look.


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Repton Dental’s dedicated team can explain what treatments are on offer and how facial aesthetics consultation could work for you.

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