Muscle Relaxation

Muscle relaxation is the key to easing the signs of aging – and with a little help we can roll back the signs of age easily. Anti-wrinkle fillers are essentially muscle relaxants which work to smooth out lines on the face to bring back a youthful appearance.

How muscle relaxation helps to revitalise your appearance


Deep lines on the face are part and parcel of the ageing process although some feel their appearance more keenly than others.

If crow’s feet, laughter lines, marionette lines or frown lines have become a barrier to you feeling confident in the way that you look, muscle relaxation is a pathway to unveiling a more vibrant complexion and can really boost self esteem.

Muscle relaxation treatments use the protein botulinum toxin, which is taken from the bacteria clostridium botulinum. This substance, when injected into the face, works to allow muscle relaxation by blocking nerve messages that cause the muscles to contract.


Muscle relaxation treatments


The muscle relaxant is introduced into the area to be treated with a small needle to minimise pain and the effects of the treatment can be seen in a little time as a few days – or up to 10 days for some patients.

Once the treatment has been applied it will continue to work for a number of months, allowing the effect of smoothing out the facial lines to continue.
It is essential that muscle relaxation treatments are carried out by a skilled professional. At Repton Dental we uphold the highest standards of care and carry out all facial aesthetic treatments in a clinical environment to protect your health and wellbeing.

Through this muscle relaxation treatment, facial wrinkles can be smoothed out to reveal fresh, youthful looking skin that will leave you feeling your best.

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