Cerezen is a new intervention for effective treatment of TMD and associated symptoms, such as pain in the jaw radiating to facial muscles and tension headaches.

A small, discreet, customized device is placed in the ear and is worn all day and can even be worn all night. Barely visible, most patients forget they are there!

Cerezen is clinically proven to be an adjunct or alternative to traditional treatments such as splint therapy. The device is made by an audiologist after our dentist at Repton has diagnosed your condition. It is a discreet non-invasive treatment modality and a very comfortable way to ease facial, jaw pain and tension headaches.

How it works:

The Cerezen device is an innovative treatment that supports the Temporomandibular join and the associated secondary muscles, effectively reducing the strain. The customized device allows the patient’s ear canal to maintain its shape so that the jaw is in a relaxed position. Patients cognitive awareness is increased and therefore, in turn, reduces patients clenching and grinding. Clinical studies* have shown that 70% of patients indicated that they were extremely satisfied using the results of the Cerezen device.

* Nation Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research paper

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