Childrens dentistry

Dental care should begin at an early age. Plaque will form as soon as a child’s first tooth arrives.

Introducing your child to our friendly dental team from a young age will ensure they receive all the benefits from a preventative approach and will be less likely to require treatment in the future.

At Repton Dental your child’s dental appointments will include a thorough examination of their whole mouth and how the teeth are developing in relation to their age. We pride ourselves on providing a complete preventative and fun approach offering disclosing and toothbrushing sessions with the dentist followed by a fun polish of your little cherubs teeth.

We provide diary sheets to monitor areas where children can improve on their diet in relation to tooth decay.  With your help our aim is to provide the next generation with strong healthy teeth and gums.




We provide custom made sports guards and regularly check the accuracy of fitting to ensure your child’s teeth and mouth is protected whilst playing contact sports.


Orthodontic Treatment

Our close ties to local Orthodontic practices ensure early treatment plans are devised in order to provide correct treatment at the optimum time for your child. Referrals can be made within the NHS or by private contract.

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If you want to provide great dental care for your child, contact Repton Dental today for a service that will give you something to smile about. Call 01283 701345 or email