Teeth Whitening

Your smile says more about you then any other feature, it’s the first thing that other people notice.

Studies have shown that teeth whitening can make a person appear up to 10 years younger.

The in-house tray system carried out by our qualified dentist here at Repton is a very safe, gentle and effective way of enhancing your smile.

Tobacco, food and drink and internal pigments are erased by the bleaching process. The effects of teeth whitening can be seen within two weeks giving a long lasting stable result.

Please speak to our receptionist who will be more than happy to book a whitening consultation with the dentist. Dr. Ari will give expert advice on how teeth whitening can bring the sparkle back to your smile.

An effective tooth whitening solution


We offer the White Dental Beauty tooth whitening system which is a world renowned tooth whitening brand that produces great results.

We create custom-made trays, little like thin mouthguards, which you use overnight with the professional White Dental Beauty teeth whitening gel. You should have a wonderful white smile in no time!

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If you are looking for teeth whitening treatment, contact Repton Dental today.
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